Massage at Beer, Tequila and Taco Festival

This Labor Day weekend I took a day trip to San Diego. We took Amtrak train with a gorgeous coastal view for about 2 hours and got to this Beer, Tequila and Taco Festival. You are given this fun cup and go to different vendors to sample unlimited beer and tequila.

Interestingly, there was a Hawaiian healer giving a free session for a donation at the event. So of course I had to try it. Here is a sample of what he did. He is from Hawaii and developed his own healing modality called Lomilomi Kaomi but it’s unlike the traditional Lomilomi. It’s more based on Shiatsu. He pressed some acupressure points.

I had about ten drink samples and four tacos under a scorching sun so just lying down in the shade was nice but this was such a treat.

And this was my favorite. He’s rolling his elbow on the calf and then shin muscles. Although he was using elbow, it didn’t hurt at all. The pressure was just right. I learn a lot from other bodyworkers and this is one of them.

Then he moved to my tummy filled with beer and tacos. I was worried at first but the pressure wasn’t strong so I could handle it.

Then he repeated on the other side. I like how his hand is relaxed and bouncing his body to create the movement.

In massage ethics class they say do not massage a client under the influence but I actually felt much better after this treatment. My head was very clear and the buzz was gone. I felt very refreshed. I think he did a great job of balancing the energy in my body.

He generously spent about 15 minutes. At the end he had me face down, lifted my legs, pressed my back and it was over.

Here’s his business card if you are in San Diego although his website is not working at the time of this recording.

And in my honest opinion, if you are in San Diego you must visit Extraordinary Desserts!

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