How To Massage Deltoids with Forearm on Massage Table

This week I’m going to show you how I use my forearm to massage someone’s deltoids on a massage table.

I move the receiver’s arm to the side so the upper arm is resting on the massage table and the forearm and hand is dangling on the side of the table.

I put a lubricant in my hand and emolliate by rubbing my hands. I use Biotone organic massage cream. Apply the lubricant on the deltoids and warm up the area. Then I kneel down on the floor or sit on a chair. I lightly secure the receiver’s arm by the elbow.

Using the forearm, I glide upward on the deltoids starting from the area just above the receiver’s elbow.

As I glide up I change the angle of my forearm so I hit different parts of the deltoids. I am also massaging triceps which go all the way to the elbow.

Then I extend my stroke to massage the muscles around the shoulder blade with wiper action. Again I change the angle to cover different shoulder blade muscles.

Some people have very tight triceps so I start with the meaty part of the forearm to glide. If they ask for more pressure then I start using the boney blade part of the forearm.

By the way, this is how I take a break during a long massage.

Massage Monday #360 – How To Massage Deltoids with Forearm on A Massage Table