How To Massage for Constipation

I already have a video on acupressure for constipation for which I’m getting a lot of feedback with success stories. This week I’m going to show you how to massage for constipation to tackle the problem from a different angle. You are welcome to do this in conjunction with the acupressure.

First little bit about the anatomy. The large intestine starts on the right side of the abdomen and goes up which is called ascending colon, goes to the left side which is called transverse colon, goes down which is called descending colon, then Sigmoid colon connects to the rectum.

In general it helps to massage clockwise in the direction of the large intestine to promote the movement of the gas and waste. Lie on your back with your knees bent to so that your abdomen is relaxed, and press six locations along the large intestine with your fingertips as you breathe deeply. Or you can roll a light fist on your abdomen. This stimulates the small intestine too. You could even rock each section of the large intestine by sandwiching with your fingertips.

But some people have the transverse colon dropped lower than where it’s supposed to be because of the genetics or bad posture. The prolapsed colon can make your lower abdomen stick out and make you feel bloated, and hinder a smooth travel of the waste.

In case you have this condition and have a persistent constipation, try these moves. Again lie on your back with your knees bent. Put a cushion or pillow on the sacrum to raise your hip by about 4 inches.

Massage your lower abdomen all over from the pubis to your belly button upward with your fingertips with medium pressure. Do this for one minute. I’ve seen an x-ray video of how this can move and reposition the transverse colon.

Then tap your abdomen up and down between the belly button and pubis. It’s more like pecking with your fingertips. Do this for one minute. This stimulates the Sigmoid colon. That’s it. Total of two minutes. Do these twice a day in the morning before your eat breakfast and in the evening before you go to bed.

And check your posture too because your bad posture may be pressing the organs and intestines and causing the blockage. Keep your head high and create the space in your abdomen.

4-4-16 Massage for Constipation