Massage Goal NOT Achieved

Massage Goal NOT Achieved

I love giving and receiving massages, good massages. Massage therapy is a manual labor and it takes toll on my body so I really have to take care of myself and receiving massage is one way to take care of myself. I also learn what to do and what not to do when I receive massage.

The beginning of this year I set my goal to receive one massage for every ten massages I give. With few days left in the year I checked how I did. I had received 23 massages this year which is about two a month average. Then I checked how many massages I gave this year. I had given more than 700 massages this year. So that’s like getting one massage for 30 massages I give. So it’s nowhere near what I set my goal to be because I would have had to receive more than 70 massages this year. Then I checked how I did last year. I had received

33 massages last year so I really slacked this year in taking care of myself. Luckily I got this gift certificate for a foot massage place. Best Christmas gift! I just booked a massage with my favorite person on New Year’s Eve making it 24 total for this year.

So I failed to achieve my massage goal but so what. The good thing about goal is you can set a new one and move on. Next year my goal is to receive one massage for 20 massages I give which should be about three a month or 36 a year. Will see. And try new modalities. There are hundreds of modalities out there so it shouldn’t be hard. As I try new modalities I will introduce it to you.

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