How To Massage Hamstrings with Forearm

This week I’m going to show you how I use my forearm to massage hamstrings on someone on a massage table.

I put a lubricant in my hand and emolliate by rubbing my hands. I use Biotone organic massage cream. Apply the lubricant on the hamstrings. Here I’m warming up the area with a flat part of the loose fists. As you can see I’m using the entire body to move my hands to save my hands and back.

Using the forearm I glide upward on the hamstrings starting from just above the back of the knee because the back of the knee is a sensitive area and you should never apply hard pressure there. But this is not a good posture because my back is bent forward too much and there is a big space around the armpit making me use more of the arm strength to generate pressure.

Instead what I do is to put my hip against the table and lean slightly backward. And move my torso to glide my forearm upward on the hamstrings. This way, I can use more of my body weight to generate pressure. This saves my back and I can do this all day. I also keep my hand relaxed and supported by the other hand so that I don’t have to depend on my arm strength.

I reposition my forearm to cover the entire hamstrings and mix in some circles and zigzags on the parts that need attention.

Massage Monday #359 – How To Massage Hamstrings with Forearm