Massage Image Pet Peeves

This week I’m going to share my pet peeves about massage pictures that you see in the marketing materials. They are really nice and looks relaxing and fun and enjoyable but what you see in the picture is not necessarily practical and those sometimes bug me so here we go.

Sideways – most of the massage pictures are shot with the receiver lying face down but the face is turned sideways to show the happy face of the beautiful model faking to enjoy the treatment. In reality you will not be smiling for a long time because this will hurt the neck. I just hope that the model’s neck is ok after the photoshoot.

Chin on hands – This is another massage position that you see a lot. Putting your face on your hands may be nice in the beginning but as you can see the neck and shoulders are bent and compressed. Your shoulders will be numb and again you won’t be smiling for a long time. Also it’s very hard to massage shoulders this way because there isn’t much space to work on.

Long fingernail – Long fingernails. Sure they are pretty and they are ways to massage without fingers but it’s just not practical or professional.

Accessories – Like long fingernails accessories like this big bangle or rings on therapists are not practical or professional.

Décor so close to the body – The decors are so close to the body sometimes even touching the body which must be ticklish. Nothing other than what you are massaging with should be touching the client’s body. Usually you see decorations on one side but you will not be moving the decoration to the other side to work on the other side of the body. And these candles. They are just way too close and it is not likely that the flames remain still while the therapist moves around which moves the air around which causes the flame to flicker and produce smoke and soot and that can make you cough which is no fun.

And finally lying directly on the hard surface with no towel or mattress – Just imagine peeling yourself off the floor after the massage. Worse is bamboo mat. Think of all these lines imprinted on your body after the massage. Ouch!!

I know these are supposed to look good but these are some of my massage image pet peeves.

1-11-16 Massage Image Pet Peeves