Massage in Mother Nature (Massage Monday #443)

Happy Earth Day! This week I’ll show you some beautiful California landscapes and an example of massage in Mother Nature.

I just went to Mammoth Mountain for lots of snowboarding fun with my friends. I used to be a skier but I was never good at it. I have even hit a tree and tore a knee ligament. Then I tried snowboarding and I loved it. I have to be careful because I have a manual labor and if I injure myself I can’t make money. Hopefully I won’t get injured by a reckless people.

Here’s a close call with a bleep skier who almost took me out but I came back in one piece.

On the way back we stopped at Alabama Hills at the foot of Mt. Whitney which is the tallest mountain in contiguous United States.

Since I have viewers worldwide, in the United States of America, there are 50 states as denoted by the 50 stars on the national flag. Contiguous states refers to the lower 48 states which are physically connected and not including Alaska or Hawaii which are not physically connected.

Alaska has taller mountains but in the contiguous lower 48 states Mt. Whitney is the tallest at 14,505’.

This year we had El Niño weather and had lots of rain. As a result, we had what we call Super Bloom in the California desert.

Recently I visited California Poppy Reserve in Antelope Valley to see it. California Poppy is the state flower and they were blooming at and around the reserve along with other flowers.

It was sad to see foot prints within the reserve. And outside the reserve it was shocking to see people taking pictures lying down on the fragile poppies and even having picnic tables and chairs squashing them.

At the reserve my lucky friend got the Poppy Massage. Always clean your hands first. The wind picked up in the afternoon but it was a hot day so the breeze was actually nice.

And the view and birds chirping in the background were so soothing even for the generous giver which was me.

Here’s a sample neck and shoulder massage in the nature. I actually did like 30-50 times on each technique on each side. So how does it feel my friend?

We just used one of their stone benches in the park so no poppies were harmed in this shooting.

She especially liked the acupressure around the shoulder blades.

I did a lot more but finished with Thai Chops. How was the whole experience?

If you have a chance I recommend getting a massage in the nature. And get connected to the nature and get healing energy from the nature.

Massage Monday #443 Massage in Mother Nature