Massage Monday 1-17-11: How to Knead Neck


When you massage each other, it’s important that both giver and receiver are in a comfortable position. Here are some tips when you knead someone’s neck.

1. Position – stand 45 degrees behind the receiver. Put one hand on the neck and the other on the receiver’s forehead so that the receiver can relax the neck during massage.

2. Knead – Pick three locations on the ropy neck muscle and make small circles on those points. You can also make big circles. Stay behind the ears. Neck is a sensitive area with major arteries and nerves. Start with light pressure and gradually increase pressure. Make sure to check with your partner if the pressure feels good. To increase the pressure curl your fingers and/or use upper body motion. Do not squeeze the neck with straight thumb to avoid injuries to the base of the thumb. Use the Pain Scale of 1-10 if you have a difficulty communicating the desired pressure.

3. Speed – I recommend slower speed than faster speed. In general it feels deeper pressure to the receiver. It feels more love and care to the receiver too. Also, if you do it slower it buys you some time. To really extend the time, do more at slower speed. For example, pick five locations and do more circles slower at each locations.

Happy Massaging!