Massage Monday 1-2-12: 3 ways to massage your own biceps

Today I’ll show you 3 ways to massage your own biceps. Biceps are the muscles that are located between the shoulder and elbow. Let me show you my dwindling biceps. As you can see it’s used to bend the elbow and flex your arm. Ok I better stop before I offend someone. When you type on your computer or drive or use your mouse you’re using your biceps. So let’s give some love to your own biceps.

Let’s rest your arm on the table so your arm can be relaxed. Let’s start with perpendicular to your body.

1) Grab – The first one is grabbing. Simply grab the biceps with the other hand and go up and down. The thumb is on the same side as other fingers instead on the other side of the biceps because I want to use the entire palm to grab the biceps.

2) Circle with Palm Heel – Next one is circling with the palm heel. Use the palm heel to circle up and down the biceps. If you rock your body and put your weight into it you can get more pressure.

3) Friction – The third one is friction. I’m going to use the base of your thumb and go over the surface with short strokes. Friction also generates heat so you can relax your muscle from the heat too.

Here’s another way of doing this. Instead of going over the surface, you can stay on the location and you can move the muscles underneath. That’s another way of using this move.

All these moves you can change on the table and you’ll be working on the same muscles from different angles.
Since it’s the beginning of the year, I don’t know how many massages you received last year but this year I challenge you to get three more massages than you did last year. Think of it not just as a luxury but a good investment for your health both mental and physical. It’s a great opportunity to be nice to yourself.

Happy Massaginghow to massage biceps!