Massage Monday 1-24-11: Forearm Roll On Neck And Shoulder

I use my forearm all the time in my massage practice. Forearm is a very bony, hard part of your body because it saves my fingers from getting tired or even hurt. Your forearm can be a very effective massage tool if you know how to use it.

Stand behind the receiver. Tilt the receiver”s head a little bit to the side. Roll your forearm from the receiver’s neck to the shoulder and repeat. As a giver it doesn’t feel like you are doing much but it feels very good to the receiver. For more pressure, stand closer and use your weight as you roll your forearm. It’s that easy. **DO NOT DO THIS IF THE RECEIVER IS PREGNANT OR TRYING TO GET PREGNANT as this can stimulate one of the acupressure point GB 21 that induces labor.

Make sure you do the other side too. Happy Massaging!