Massage Monday 1-9-12: 3 ways to massage your own triceps

Last week I showed you how to massage your own biceps. This week I’ll show you 3 ways to massage your own triceps. Triceps are also located between the shoulder and elbow on the opposite side of the biceps. They are used to extend the elbow or bent arm. These muscles tend to get flabby if you neglect them so let’s give some love to your triceps.

First bring the arm up and rest your hand on the back of your head.

1) Knead – The first one is kneading. You will knead with your fingers with your thumb on one side and other fingers on the other side of the triceps. Go up and down.

2) Glide – The second way is to glide. Close the four fingers and using the side of your index finger, glide down the triceps like stripping the excess fat from the triceps. For me I have a very tight triceps so all I need is one finger and it hurts like hell. You can also try with a fist and use the same side to glide down or with the flat part of your fist to glide down. You can try different ways and find what you like.

3) Grab – The third one is to grab. You can grab with your arm up but I think it’s easier to bring the arm around your body and grab from the outside. For this I have my thumb and all the other fingers on the same side because I want to use the entire palm to grab. You can go up and down the triceps.

Happy Massaging!

3 ways to massage your own triceps