Massage Monday 10-1-12: Number one couples massage move – bear walk

Happy 100th Massage Monday! I thank you so very much for your comments and encouraging words for my video posts. I spend 4-5 hours easily every week to make these videos so they mean a lot to me.

As I promised last week, today I’ll show you the number one move that my couples massage class clients have liked in the past. It’s Bear Walk.

Straddle your partner and walk up the back like a bear or elephant or seal as you press the muscles next to the spine with the base of the palm. Go up and down along the spine. I like to turn my hands around the shoulder blades and press the muscles between the shoulder blades then press the shoulder blades separately. This way I can be more specific about the muscles I’m targeting. Do not press on the spine. Press the muscles next to the spine. Rock your body and only use your body weight for pressure.

For more pressure use more body weight by standing up, but keep your back straight and do not round your back as you press. If this hurts your wrists, try pressing with your fists or loose fists. I would still use palms to press the shoulder blades because the shoulder blades and fists are both bony and bone on bone hurts.

I hope you liked these top three couples massage moves. Just to give you a heads up I have a new video eBook coming on Amazon Kindle. So stay tuned.

Happy Massaging!

Massage Monday 10-1-12: Number one couples massage move – bear walk
Massage Monday Number one couples massage move – bear walk