Massage Monday 10-10-11: Partner Chest Massage

Last week I showed you how to massage your own chest muscles. I hope you are doing it on both sides so you’re not going to be lopsided. This week I’ll show you how to massage your partner’s chest in laying position.

Sit by the receiver’s head. Using your fingers gently circle the area under the collarbone. You can make small circles and big circles. Rock your body to take the burden off your hands and arms. For more pressure, lift the hands. For less pressure, flatten the hands. You can also use the base of the thumb for even more pressure.

Chest is a very delicate area especially for women and men’s hands tend to be very strong. So please be gentle and just use your fingertips if you are massaging a lady. Make sure you communicate with your partner and check if the pressure is ok. When you use the base of your thumbs, do not flex your wrists because your forearms will get tired very quickly. Keep your wrists, hands and fingers relaxed and use your shoulders.

Happy Massaging!