Massage Monday 10-17-11: Foot Bath Before Self Foot Massage

Next few weeks I’m going to give myself a foot massage using reflexology. Your feet carry your weight when you’re standing and they definitely deserve some love and care. If I were my feet I demand massage every day for carrying my weight especially after giving 6 hours of massage standing like yesterday. Today to prepare my feet for relaxation I’m going to give it a nice foot bath.

Things you need:

–          A Kettle to make a hot water

–          A Tub or something that you can fit both your feet in

–          A big towel

–          Essential oil of your choice

–          Marbles just to make it fancy

Make a hot water in a kettle. Put marbles in the tub and pour the hot water. Today I’m using Lavender for relaxation and Bergamot for uplifting the mood. If the water is so hot you can’t even put your fingers pour some water.

Make sure you have the towel handy before you wet your feet. Put your feet in the tub and say “Ahhh~.” Enjoy the warm bath and aroma until you and your feet feel enough. Place the towel next to the tub and dry your feet.

You can also add some Epsom salt to relieve the tired feet and you can also sprinkle some rose petals to make it more romantic. Next week I’m going to start massaging my own feet.

Happy Massaging!