Massage Monday 10-3-11: Self Chest Massage

I would say 90% of my clients that I massage they come in for neck and shoulder focus. Why is that? Because they are stressed out! When people get stressed out they carry lot of stress on their neck and shoulders. While it’s very important to release the tight muscles, it is also very important to release the front muscle. Because when they get stressed out they tend to hunch with the neck and shoulders forward and that will put more strain on the neck, shoulders and upper back.

I’ll show you how to release those chest muscles so you can open up the chest and it makes it easier for the body to restore the posture.

By chest I mean between the collar bone and the breast.

Use the fingertips and gently circle under the collar bone from the center towards the shoulder and armpit. You can also glide. If you are doing this on bare skin it may be easier with oil or lotion. You can also curl up your fingers to increase the pressure. If you want even more pressure or if you have long fingernails, you can make a fist and use the flat part of the fist to do the same – circles and glide.
Now that you know how it feels on yourself, next week I’ll show you how to it on your partner.

Happy Massaging!