Massage Monday 10-31-11: Reflexology – Ball of foot

We’re continuing with the self foot massage using reflexology technique and I’m going to focus on the ball of foot which represents chest area.

This week I’m going to focus on the ball of foot area which represents chest area. Let’s start with the area under the big toe. This is the heart area especially on the left foot because your heart is located on the left side of your body. Some reflexology charts don’t even show the heart on the right foot while some do.

The area under the four toes is the lungs area. Let’s massage your lungs. You can massage up with your thumbs or go sideways. I believe the intention is very important so let’s think of happy lungs as you massage.

The area under the pinky toe on the side of the foot is the arm and shoulder. You can pinch with your thumb and index finger and massage your arm and shoulder.

Below the ball of the foot where the color changes is the diaphragm area. Let’s massage your diaphragm. Since it’s used for breathing let’s inhale to expand and exhale to collapse. Now I’m making happy diaphragm.

On a side note our massage teacher told us that when someone has a boob job the area between the heart and lungs get very hard. I have seen it but I can’t say it’s for everyone because I don’t’ necessarily ask all my clients if they had a boob job if I find this area very hard.

Next week I’m going to focus on the middle of the sole which includes liver, pancreas, stomach and kidney.

Happy Massaging!