Massage Monday 11-14-11: Reflexology – bottom section and inside edge of the foot

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This week I’m focusing on the bottom of the foot which represents the lower abdomen and the inside edge of the foot which represents the spine.

The bottom half of the foot represents intestines small and large. That’s where the digested food is absorbed into the system. The digestion happens in the clock-wise motion because your long intestines are placed in clock-wise direction in your lower abdomen. You can massage this area with your thumbs in circle in clock-wise motion or you can do it by sections. If you feel tight area it could be something that’s sitting there so smooth it out and send good energy for a safe travel and smooth elimination.

As I mentioned last week the kidney is located right in the middle of the foot. The kidney produces urine which is carried in the ureter down to the bladder. The bladder area sits right above the heel on the inner edge of the foot. The bladder then holds the urine until you decide to release it hopefully in the bathroom. Let’s make the urinary tract happy and the bladder strong without any blockage or infections.

Lastly the inside edge of the foot represents the spine. Use the base of the thumb to circle down the inside edge. Imagine you’re releasing every single vertebrae of your spine. You can also press with your thumb as you pull the toes towards you using the other hand.

I covered the Reflexology the last four weeks and I’ve covered a lot but it’s just a beginning. There are lot more to it. Make sure you massage the other foot so the other foot doesn’t get jealous. Trust me your body parts have feelings and they do get jealous. By being specific with the location and the intention you may spend more time massaging your own foot and you may improve the health of your organs. At least your feet will be super happy. 🙂

Happy Massaging!