Massage Monday 11-28-11: Lower Back Massage 1 – Forearm saw waist

Most of the people I massage come in for neck and shoulder tightness. The next popular area is lower back. Lower back pain can be caused by a physical activity as well as emotional stress and financial stress. The next few weeks I’ll show you how to massage around the lower back on your partner to help alleviate your partner’s suffering from lower back pain.

When someone has a lower back issue I look at the lower back itself, glutes, or buttocks, and hamstrings. Today I’ll focus on the lower back between the last rib and the hip bone.

Sit next to your partner’s waist low to the ground. Glide your forearm on the partner’s waist upward in angle like you are sawing the partner’s waist with your forearm. It feels lighter if you use the part closer to your wrist and it feels harder if you use the part closer to your elbow. If your partner wants even more pressure you can bend your elbow.
Use your body weight and move the muscle under the skin for the pressure instead of just using the arm and gliding over the surface. You can use either forearm but make sure your other hand is resting on the receiver’s body for an energy connection.

Some people have narrow waist and your forearm may not fit. If that’s the case you can try with the base of the pinky, or don’t do this move because as you can see from rubbing your forearms with each other, bone on bone really hurts and you do not want to rub your bony forearm against your partner’s ribs.

Happy Massaging!