Massage Monday 12-12-11: Lower back pain massage 3 – Forearm hamstrings

Last few weeks I showed you how to massage the lower back, upper glutes, and this week I’m going to focus on the hamstrings to help alleviate your partner’s lower back pain.

The hamstrings are located between the bottom of the buttocks and the knee. First find the sit bone because hamstrings are a set of three muscles and they all attach to the sit bone. I’m using my elbow to loosen the attachment of the hamstrings by going back and forth by the sit bone. Massaging the muscles themselves of course helps but massaging the muscle attachment site also helps to release the entire muscles. With elbow you can dig deep easier because sometimes the sit bone can be buried and hard to reach.

I believe in energy connection with both hands. When I can’t put both hands comfortably on the partner I grab my other hand or wrist so I don’t have a free hand doing nothing.

Then move down the leg and loosen the hamstrings by going back and forth with forearm. Make sure you check with your partner if the pressure is ok. Stop above the knee and do NOT press the back of the knee because it is a very delicate area.

Happy Massaging!

Lower back pain massage 3