Massage Monday 12-19-11: Give a gift of touch to your family

I specialize in teaching Couples how to massage each other, but what I teach is non-sexual and it can be easily used between family members. In my recent trip to Japan I visited my uncle’s family as I always do and taught them some moves that they can practice on each other.

Here’s my cousin’s daughter giving a shoulder tap to her grandma.

Here’s my cousin massaging her mother.

Here’s my uncle trying the forearm roll on my cousin.

Here’s me giving my uncle a massage. He has a Korean BBQ place in Tokyo. This is the least I can do to thank him for the delicious dishes he always makes for me whenever I visit them.

You may see your family for the holidays and if you watch my videos and give them a good shoulder rub I bet they will love you even more. Have a safe and happy holiday season.

Happy Massaging!

gift of touch to family