Massage Monday 12-3-12: How to massage ticklish feet

There are different theories on why we get ticklish. It may create more bonding between mother and child, siblings, and friends, or defense mechanism from the primitive days against crawling bugs and insects. But nobody really knows why we have ticklishness .
People get ticklish especially on their feet. I have massaged thousands of feet. Today I’ll show you what I do with ticklish feet.

Have the partner lay on the floor face down. Make a fist and start pressing on the foot slowly starting from the heel. Move down the foot by moving just little bit at a time. If the receiver can handle it I would press the ball of foot with doubled up thumbs. If that’s too ticklish I’ll stick to pressing with the fist all over the ball of foot.

Usually it’s the gliding and sliding and use of the fingertips with light pressure that cause the ticklish feeling especially around the arch and the middle of the sole. So focus on pressing with firm pressure. Also surprise factor makes it ticklish too. By moving little bit at a time the receiver’s foot can remember and expect where your hand is going.

If your partner is still too ticklish, try stepping on your partner’s foot with your foot. You can watch the video here:
There is nothing wrong with ticklish feet. However, when you lose the ticklishness, be aware that you may be losing sensitivity for different reasons such as misalignment, deteriorating nerve endings and diabetes.

Happy Massaging!

Massage Monday 12-3-12: How to massage ticklish feet

Massage Monday  How to massage ticklish feet