Massage Monday 12-31-12: How to massage your tired forearm and hand HARD

This is the last Massage Monday of 2012. It’s a great time to reflect on how many massages you got this year and decide how many massages you want to get next year. I suggest you set your goal to get two more massages next year than you did this year.
At the spa that I work at, we have been slammed with the lucky people who received gift certificates for Christmas and also people who hosted parties, and they are just tired. I’ve been working so hard. My arms feel very heavy and it feels like they are made of lead. Today I’m going to give some hard love to my forearms.

For my tired forearm, I would use the other hand to massage but this hand is also very tired today. So I’m going to put my arm on the floor and use the other forearm to glide over. Forearm is a very hard massage tool and this way you can really use your body weight if you have to use your body weight at all. You can make circles and sawing motions.

I might as well give some love to my tired hand with my elbow. Elbow is also a hard massage tool. It feels good around the base of the thumb. Massage all over the hand. This way you can save the tired hand to massage the other tired hand.

I hope you will be touched in many good ways in 2013.
Happy New Year and Happy Massaging!

Massage Monday 12-31-12: How to massage your forearm and hand HARD

Massage Monday How to massage your forearm and hand HARD