Massage Monday 12-5-11: Lower back pain massage 2 – Fist upper glutes (buttocks)

Continuing with how to massage your partner’s lower back. Last week I showed you how to massage your partner’s lower back area. This week I’m focusing on the glutes, or buttocks, especially the upper glutes area.

Upper glutes muscles are located right under the hip bone. Make a loose fist and circle the upper glutes muscles using the flat part of your fist as you hold the other side of the receiver’s body. If the receiver wants more pressure you can use the bony knuckles of your fist. Keep the fist loose and press using your body weight against the supporting hand. If the receiver wants even more pressure you can use your elbow.

Upper glutes muscles are usually neglected and I often find them super tight on the clients who have lower back pain. By loosening these muscles it may help alleviate the lower back pain. Make sure you massage the other side so your partner will not be lopsided.

If the partner is very sensitive in that area and wants less pressure, you can try using the base of the palm and make a circle, or even using the fingertips and that would be the very light pressure.

Happy Massaging!