Massage Monday 2-13-12: Valentine’s Day Foot Massage – 3 ways to massage your partner’s feet

Happy Valentine’s Day – Eve. 🙂 Just like last year I have Stephen and Katie as Happy Valentine’s Couples Massage models. They are still together thanks for the great massages. Per their request I’m going to show them how to massage their feet.

Here are the three ways I’m showing them on how to massage each others’ foot:
1. Glide from the top of the foot to the knee with both hands and come back. Press the sole with your thumbs using body weight. If the receiver has lots of hair use oil or lotion so that you don’t pull the receiver’s hair when you glide the leg.
2. Spread open the top of the foot. People who wear heels a lot love this move.
3. Turn the foot to the side. Glide down the arch using the base of your thumb. Make three circles. Then Make five circles. Note: One way to extend the time is to break it down to smaller sections and do more circles.

If you don’t have a Valentine you can massage your own foot. You can look at these Massage Monday videos here:

Massage Monday 10-24-11: Reflexology 1 – Toes
Massage Monday 10-31-11: Reflexology 2 – Ball of foot
Massage Monday 11-7-11: Reflexology 3 – Mid section
Massage Monday 11-14-11: Reflexology 4 – Bottom section and inside edge of the foot

Remember massaging each other will keep your relationship. 😀

Happy Massaging! XOXO

happy valentine's day couples foot massage reflexology