Massage Monday 2-14-11: Scalp Massage

Happy Valentine’s Day! I’m going to show the lovely couple Stephen and Katie Wagner how to do the scalp massage on each other.

There are different ways of massaging the scalp. One way is to curl up the fingers and glide all over the head. You can make small circles, big circles, go zigzag, write a name, etc. Have fun with it. Make sure you relax your fingers and hands, otherwise you get tired and sore very quickly. Some people don’t like the noise of the hair rubbing against the scalp. For those people it may be better to place the finger on the scalp and massage by moving the skin.

If the receiver has long enough hair you can slide the hands under the hair and lightly squeeze. Skip this move if the receiver has hair loss concerns.

Play with different strength and speed and check with your partner what feels the best.

Thank you Stephen and Katie for being the first couple model!

Happy Massaging!