Massage Monday 2-20-12: How to massage your partner’s leg (foot, calf & thigh) – Thai Massage style

This week I’ll show you how to massage your partner’s leg Thai Massage style. Thai Massage uses lot of stretching and as you will see this one is also a great hip opener for your partner.

Have your partner lie on the floor facing up with one leg bent with the knee on the floor. The foot is by the other leg’s knee. Starting from the arch of the foot, alternate palm press between the foot and three locations on the calf muscle. Make sure you start gently because for some tight people out there, lying with the open bent leg like this is already a good stretch for their hip and the leg.

Go up the leg and repeat with the three locations on the thigh. You can also alternate between the calf muscle and the thigh. Relax your hands and just use your body weight when you press as you rock your body. Then come back down.

Happy Massaging!

how to massage leg, foot, calf, thigh thai massage style hip opener