Massage Monday 2-4-13: How to massage texting hand

When I ask my clients where they want me to focus, I get more requests on hands because of texting. Who doesn’t text these days? Today I’ll show you how to massage your own texting hands.

1. Whether you are a singer fingered texter or double thumbed texer, your fingers tend to cramp up. Let’s stretch those fingers one by one or all at the same time.

2. Using your thumb, glide between the bones on the palm. When you do this keep the angle between the thumb and the index finger the same and move the entire hand from the elbow instead of moving just the thumb. Also instead of making one hand do all the work, press the receiving hand into the thumb and move over the thumb. Pay special attention to the base of the thumb where it gets tired a lot.

3. Why not make a good use of the cell phone to press between the bones and the base of the thumb.

Happy Massaging!

Massage Monday 2-4-13: How to massage the texting hand

Massage Monday how to massage texting hand