Massage Monday 2-6-12: Foot Massage – relaxing move for your partner

People love foot massage unless you are super ticklish on the soles. Today I’ll show you a nice relaxing foot massage move for your partner.
Sit by the receiver’s foot. Using both hands glide down the top of the foot then again with the thumbs on the sole. Repeat this several times. If the receiver is super ticklish you can skip the second part. You can also go up to the calf muscles. Or even all the way to the knee. If you go up the leg make sure your torso is following your hands for a nice firm pressure.

Here’s the same move from another angle. Rock your body and use your body weight rather than just the thumb strength to press on the sole. You can use this move to warm up, transition between different foot massage moves, and as you finish on one foot.

Happy Massaging!

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