Massage Monday 3-21-11: Happy Calf

Today I’m going to show you how to massage your own calf muscles. This should help weekend warriors, athletes, people with standing jobs, ladies who wear heels a lot, and people with tired legs in general. CAUTION: IF YOU HAVE VARICOSE VEINS OR BLOOD CLOTS, PLEASE DON’T DO THIS!!

One way to massage your calf muscle is by using a tool such as a wine bottle. Take the wine bottle and glide it up and down your calf muscle. Change the angles to hit different spots on your calf muscle. A rolling pin works really well too. You can also drink the wine to loosen the entire body not just the calf muscle.

Another way is by using your knee. Lay on the floor with knees bent. Lift one leg and place the calf muscle on the other leg’s knee. Glide up and down. If you hit a sore spot, you can hang there or make small circles. You can also change the angle to massage outer and inner edges of the calf muscle.

You can do this easily before going to bed after long day at work or before getting out of the bed in the morning. This will get the circulation going in your leg. You are using the weight of your leg for the pressure. It is effortless and effective. Make sure you switch legs so the other leg doesn’t get jealous!

Happy Massaging!