Massage Monday 3-28-11: 3 ways to give forearm love

I’ve been massaging a lot lately and my forearm is tired. Today I’m going to show you how to massage your own forearm in 3 different ways. This should help people who play paddle sports such as tennis, raquetball, badminton, people who over exercise in weights, people who work on the computer a lot and type a lot on keyboard, and people who shop a lot and carry lots of bags on their forearms.

The first way is by using a knuckle. Make a fist with left hand and place the elbow on your left leg (or chair or table) to make it stable. Put the inner right forearm on the fist and glide. For the outside of the right forearm, place the right arm on your right leg (or chair or table). Again using the left fist glide the right forearm.

The second way is by using a knee. Bend the right knee on the floor, place the inner right forearm on the bent knee, grab the right wrist with left hand, and glide against the knee. You can also pull the right arm against the knee and press the forearm with the knee. For the outer right forearm, use your left knee. Switch the legs and bend the left knee lower to the ground, place the outer right forearm on the left knee, support it with left hand, and glide. Knee is a very hard massage tool you are born with. It’s very effective. You might as well make a use of it.

The third way is by using a lacrosse ball. Place the lacrosse ball on a chair, table, or floor. Roll your forearm over the lacrosse ball as the other hand supports to make it stable.

Happy Massaging!