Massage Monday 3-5-12: How to massage your partner’s inner thigh Thai Massage style

This week I’ll show you how to massage your partner’s inner thigh Thai massage style.

Have the receiver lie face up on the floor. Sit between the receiver’s legs. Very important. Before you begin, if the receiver is a guy, have him move his package so you will not accidentally squash and damage his private parts. You have to protect the family jewel.

Hold each leg with your hands and press the receiver’s inner thigh with your feet. It is like you are walking sideways on the inner thigh. Don’t press on the knee. Stop right above the knee. Inner thigh does not get touched very often and can be very sensitive and tight so start slowly and lightly.

Here’s another way to massage the inner thigh. Lock the leg you are working on by putting your foot under the receiver’s knee. Then roll your foot as you press the inner thigh with the ball of your foot. Sit closer for more pressure. Go up and down the inner thigh.

Happy Massaging!

How to massage your partner's inner thigh Thai Massage style