Massage Monday 5-2-11: Intention for the tension

This week instead of showing the massage moves, I’ll talk about the intentions when you work with your partner. I believe the intention and the energy coming from the intention is as important as techniques in giving massage. These three tips are something that I totally believe in and use in my own practice, and believe help my clients get good experience with my massage.

1) Don’t kill the knots – when you find those “knots” on your partner’s body, instead of killing and trying to get rid of them, think of promoting circulation. Talk to the body (in your head) “it’s ok to release and let it go.” If the knot persists, don’t get attached to it or take it personal. Just let it be. Body has amazing healing power. You are introducing the new muscle pattern to the partner’s brain. You are assisting your partner’s body to start the healing process.

2) Embrace the history – One of my massage teachers told us “When you’re massaging your client, you are not just massaging the body. You’re massaging the entire history of that person.” It hit home with me and I was very moved by this statement. People carry lots of traumas and stress from the past. Body remembers them too. You are massaging not just your partner’s body but the entire history of your partner whether you know about it or not. When you come from this space, I bet you have a new level of appreciation for your partner.

3) Think about what you love about the person – Touch communicates love. Touch communicates anger too. When you massage your partner, think of one thing you love about your partner. Don’t be thinking about nagging issues such as “he left the toilet seat up again” or “he left the sock on the floor again.” Put those issues aside and focus on one thing you love about the partner as you touch. Whether you know many massage moves or just a little moves, all you can do is to put your heart in every single stroke.

Happy Massaging!