Massage Monday 5-28-12: Foot massage with foot

So your partner wants a foot massage but your hands are super tired. Here is a simple way to give a foot massage using your foot.

Have the partner lie on the floor face down. The feet should naturally turn inward. Step on the arch and the toes of your partner’s foot with the arch of your foot.

Feet carry your weight all day long but your partner’s ankles can be very tight and it’s very easy to apply your entire weight. Start lightly and gradually increase the pressure by using your weight. If and only if the partner wants more pressure, use your heel to press.

If your partner gets too ticklish with the foot massage with your hands, you may want to try this move and let me know how it works.

Happy Massaging!

Massage Monday 5-28-12: Foot massage with foot

Massage Monday Foot massage with foot