Massage Monday 6-13-11: Sponge Foot

I’ve shown you several ways to massage someone’s hands. You can apply what I’ve shown you on someone’s feet also. This week and next couple weeks I’ll show you how to massage someone’s feet using the same moves. The first one is sponge.

To sponge someone’s feet, you sit by the receiver laying face up. Grab a foot and squeeze like a sponge and knead alternating way, one at a time on the left side then right side as you move up and down the foot. Again, at the end of sponging I like to spread open the top of the foot using my body weight. Then spread the bottom of the foot.

Feet carry all the weight of your body. Try this move on your partner especially your partner has a standing job or wears heels a lot. Let me know how your partner likes it.

Happy Massaging!