Massage Monday 6-27-11: Massage Toes

I’ve been showing you how to massage someone’s feet using the same techniques as you massage someone’s hands. Those were sponging and trenching. This week I’m going to show you one way to massage someone’s toes just like you massage someone’s fingers.

Grab the foot with one hand and squeeze a toe with the other hand. Slide the finger from the base of the toe to the tip of the toe. Massage the nail bed. Move to the next toe. Repeat for all five toes. Switch hand if it feels normal to you. I always grab the foot with one hand because I strongly believe in energy connection. Please always touch the partner with both hands during the massage.

It space is available, you can put fingers between the toes to massage the sides of the toes. Or you can just slide a finger back and forth in a sawing motion to massage the sides of the toes. Use a thumb or any other fingers depending on the space. For the big toe there’s usually big space to grab and massage both sides of the big toe.

Now that you know how to massage someone’s hands and feet, try them on your partner and let me know how they are for you and your partner.

Happy Massaging!