Massage Monday 7-11-11: Back Press

Let’s do a back massage today. Back massage is very easy when the receiver is laying face down so that the giver can press with the body weight against the floor.

In order to give the receiver a breathing space, you can put a big pillow to raise the receiver’s upper torso. If you don’t have a pillow, that is no problem. Just have the receiver turn the neck to the side. If you give good massage the receiver may fall asleep while receiving massage. It’s very important and it’s the giver’s responsibility to tell the receiver to turn the neck to the other side every so often. Otherwise the receiver’s neck will be stuck in one position and will end up with a neck pain and you’ll have to give a neck massage too.

Sit next to the receiver facing down. Press the muscle next to the spine on the other side using the palm heels and relaxed, straight arms. Press slightly away from the spine as you go up and down along the spine. For more pressure sit closer to the receiver and lean into the receiver using your body weight.

What you don’t want to do is to massage the area that’s far from you. If the receiver has a big area to cover, make sure you re-position yourself as needed. You always want to press the area in front of you and not far from you, in a direction that your belly button is facing.
Repeat on the other side by coming around and sit on the other side.

Happy Massaging!