Massage Monday 7-16-12: Rhomboids – how to massage your partner’s upper back

This week let me introduce you to rhomboids. Rhomboids are one of the upper back muscles between the spine and the inside edge of the shoulder blade. I don’t like to use anatomical terms with regular people but as you many know upper back muscles carry a lot of stress and since many people have asked me to focus on this area, so I thought I’d share it with you. Also, when someone says “I want the rhomboids worked on” I get very impressed just for knowing the term.

Bring your partner’s arm back and secure it by lightly holding the hand on the back. Use the base of the palm to glide over the rhomboids from the spine towards the shoulder blade in the direction of the muscle.

If the partner wants more pressure, get closer and lean in using your body weight. Also match the breathing and press as you both exhale.
If the partner has any discomfort bringing the arm back you don’t have to do it. It just helps to raise the shoulder blade to make the destination more visible and it’s nice to have the hand-to-hand connection because there is a lot of energy coming out of your hands. Don’t forget to come around to do the other side.

So the rhomboids are the muscles between the shoulder blades. Please don’t say “I want my rhomboids worked on” and point to your leg or something. It’s just funny and I hate to correct my clients.

Happy Massaging!

Massage Monday 7-16-12: Rhomboids – how to massage your partner’s upper back

Massage Monday rhomboids how to massage your partner's upper back