Massage Monday 7-18-11: Bear Walk

I’ll do another back massage with the receiver facing down. It’s called “Bear Walk” and you will walk like a bear.

To do the Bear Walk, first straddle the receiver laying face down on the floor. Starting from the waist, you press the back muscles next to the spine with the palm heels in alternating way. You walk up and down along the spine like a bear. It looks more like a seal but bear sounds heavier and better so I’ll stick to bear. Make sure you relax your arms and hands. If you intentionally bend your wrists your forearms will get tired and sore very quickly. So relax your wrists and just use your body weight to give the pressure as you go left and right. Around the shoulder blades, depending on the size of the receiver, I change the angle of my hands to stay on the muscles next to the spine. You can also press the shoulder blades. If the receiver has arms next to the body you can also press the arms and hands too. I tend to use a fist to press the receiver’s palm only because I think it fits better. I say do what you feel is natural to you as long as it’s not hurting you or your partner.

Happy Massaging!