Massage Monday 9-24-12: Top 3 Couples Massage Moves

Besides massaging clients, I also teach couples how to massage each other. As I’m getting close to the 100th Massage Monday next week, today I will share two of the top three couples massage moves that my clients liked in the class.

#3: Spread Foot

Sit by the receiver’s foot. Spread the top of the foot downward with both hands. Go up and down the foot. Use your body weight as you press down. Use the base of your thumbs to really spread open the top of the foot.

Then spread open the bottom of the foot as you go up and down the foot.

#2: Palm Press Shoulders

If the receiver is pregnant or trying to get pregnant do not do this move because there are acupressure points that induce labor on the top of the shoulders.

Stand behind the receiver in angle. Using the base of the palm, glide from the base of the neck to the shoulder. Stop right before the shoulder bone. Relax your hand and lean in to use your body weight. Switch side. Glide the muscles just below the top of the shoulder. Check with your partner if the pressure and the speed are ok.

If the receiver wants more pressure, have the receiver sit on the floor. Stand behind the receiver and press glide one shoulder at a time or both shoulders at the same time using your body weight. Make sure you have a stable stance so you can lean in.

Check back next week for the #1 couples massage move.

Happy Massaging!

Massage Monday 9-24-12: Top 3 Couples Massage Moves

Massage Monday Top 3 Couples Massage Moves