How to massage neck on a massage table

How to massage neck on a massage table

This week I’m going to show you three ways to massage the neck. Continuing from last week I’m going to use a massage table and the receiver already has a product on his skin so it glides better.

The first way is kneading. Let’s start with one hand. Cup the neck with a thumb and closed fingers and knead several locations on the neck. Stay behind the ears and stay on the neck muscles. When the receiver is facing down, focus more on lifting up as you squeeze instead of pressing downward so you can be easy on the cervical spine. While I’m massaging with my left hand, unless I’m doing an energy work with my right hand, I like to put my right hand on my left arm or on the receiver’s shoulder to have the energy connection. When you slow down it naturally feels deeper and more sincere to the receiver. You can also knead with alternate hands and both hands at the same time if the space allows.

The second way is gliding the fists. Make loose fists. Using the flat part of the fists, glide up and down the neck to the shoulders. Use the body weight and make the fists tighter for more pressure.

The third ways is to squeeze the base of the neck with fists. Start with loose fists and roll the fists towards each other at the base of the neck. If the receiver wants more pressure, make the fists harder and use the knuckles to squeeze the muscles towards the spine. As always, lean in to use your body weight as you squeeze.
People carry lots of stress around neck and shoulders and they can be really tight but neck is a sensitive area. Start softly and gradually increase pressure as you communicate with the receiver. Also, it’s very important to create an environment for the receiver to freely communicate if there is any kind of discomfort whether it’s too much pressure or pinched nerve.

Happy Massaging!

Massage Monday 9-30-13: Three ways to massage neck on massage table

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