Massage Monday is Back! What’s New?

After 3 months of hiatus, Massage Monday is back!

Thank you for visiting or returning to my channel. I took a much needed break and now I am back recharged and refreshed. This past 3 months I’ve thought a lot of what I want to do with my channel. I have done a lot of acupressure and massage videos in the past. I will be doing more of those but I will also want to be covering anti-aging topics, especially Japanese anti-aging.

As you may know, I’m originally from Japan. Japan is one of the countries with very high life expectancy although it’s changing because of the Americanized diet and lifestyle over the last 30 years. The rate of diabetes and cancer has increased a lot. But still, it’s ranked second behind Hong Kong.

When I started my channel 12 years ago, I was that much younger and anti-aging wasn’t my main interest. (I wish I was more interested started taking a better care of myself back then.) But once I hit 50 and became more mature, I see and feel the change and the anti-aging is now a big part of my interest, if not the biggest.

For me, anti-aging is not just about looking younger and erasing wrinkles. I shared my definition of anti-aging physically, spiritually and emotionally in another video. You may have a different definition but my take is still the same.

What is Anti-Aging?

In Japan, there is a term “Pinpin Korori” which means you are fully alive and well then you die. I think that’s an ideal way to live your life no matter how long or short you live. I plan to cover topics on inner care and outer care that I think is good for you or that I find cool to help you decrease the pain and suffering at different levels and increase the quality of life even just a little bit while you are alive.

I will be covering what we call Japanese Grandma’s Wisdoms which are the simple and natural tips passed down generations to solve issues.

I will experiment and evaluate products and remedies. If you have any requests that don’t involve any nipping, tucking, injecting or costing a lot, please let me know and I will give it a consideration.

I still love teaching Couples Massage which alleviates physical and mental stress and increase intimacy at home. It’s a great anti-aging activity if you have a partner.

While I was off, I was curious and nervous what would happen to my channel. I was surprised to see the subscribers count kept going up steadily and now it has reached 175,000. Thank you so much. So I’m going to start off with a foot massager drawing in the next video.

Change of plan. I was going to include the drawing in the next video but Daiso was out of it. For those who are not familiar, I give away a Japanese foot massager from Daiso when my channel reaches a certain number of subscribers, usually every 5,000. And I send it to a lucky winner anywhere in the world. Once I get a hold of it hopefully in a couple weeks, I will do the manual drawing as usual. So stay tuned.

Massage Monday #605 Massage Monday is Back!! What’s New?