Massage Oil

There was a TA in my massage class who was wearing gloves when she gave massage. She had to wear gloves because over the years of using massage oil, the oil glands of her hands stopped secreting oil. Since my hands didn’t have any problem with the oil I was using in class, I forgot about it.

Then I started working at a spa giving about 10 massages a week. They had massage lotion and massage oil that are paraben-free, scent-free, and hypo-allergenic. In the beginning I was using massage oil most of the time unless the client requested for massage lotion. About a month into it, my hands started to dry up. My hands, fingers, and fingertips all started to flake!! I remembered the TA’s story. I quickly switched to massage lotion for my default modus operandi. It took about a week for my hands to get back to normal. Luckily my hands are healthy since then. I don’t have to wear gloves. Phew!

For private massages I use this organic massage creme.

Some therapists have commented why I use more expensive products for my clients. I use it not just for my precious clients but also for myself especially after the “flaky” incident. Skin is the largest organ in your body that absorbs what you put on. It is like another mouth on your body. Ideally you want to put on something edible and organic on your skin. Massage creme, however, can be thick and is not ideal for body with lots of hair. If that’s the case I use this massage gel which is very light, glides very well, and doesn’t stain the sheets like some oils do.

Although I stopped using this for massage because of stain concerns, I like using this organic raw coconut butter for skin and hair. It’s yummy on waffles and pancakes too!

Happy massaging!