My Massage Table Setup

This week I’m going to show you how I set up my massage table partially in response to the question I got regarding the use of a neck pillow that I mentioned in the no-crease face cradle cover review.

Here is my massage table that I take to my appointment. I have a sheepskin on the table and face cradle which adds comfort. It feels much nicer and little bit warmer. I put a no-crease face cradle cover that I reviewed, twin size fitted sheet, twin size flat sheet, and flannel sheet which is thicker and prevents transparency.

I usually start my massage face down. When I have the client face up I use this travel neck pillow with the face cradle cover and put it under the neck and head like so and fold a pillowcase to cover their eyes. I sometimes use the face cradle cushion as a neck pillow if I’m working on a different table and I forget to pack the neck pillow but hopefully, the Velcro is not strong because otherwise it makes this big noise which is not very relaxing.

That’s it. I keep my massage table setup very simple.

Massage Monday #366 – My Massage Table Setup