How To Massage Upper Back and Lower Back At The Same Time

Lot of people carry stress in the upper back and lower back. By upper back I mean between the shoulder blades. This week I’m going to show you one way to massage someone who needs attention in these areas and by targeting both at the same time.

Have the receiver lie face down on the floor. Find the spine to avoid. For the upper back find the shoulder blade also known as scapula. The target area is between the spine and scapula. For the lower back the target area is right above the hip bone next to the spine.

Place your forearm parallel to the hip bone on the lower back muscles. Place the other forearm between the spine and the shoulder blade. Lean in and alternately rock your body to press the lower back into the hip bone and upper back into the scapula with your forearms.

Especially if the receiver is boney avoid pressing the bones with your forearms because it can hurt. It’s more like stretching the back muscles diagonally. Make sure to avoid the spine.

When you get the hang of it, slightly roll your forearms as you push for more depth and rolling effect. Just use your body to save your arms and keep your hands relaxed. This is one of the Thai Massage moves which feels good and stretchy at the same time. Come around to do the other side.

Massage Monday #302 – How to massage upper and lower back at the same time