Should I Get Massage When Sick with Flu? (Massage Monday #377)

The flu season started early and it has been pretty bad this year. Massage sounds good to get rid of these “toxins” like flu, doesn’t it? So should you get a massage if you are sick with flu?

The answer is “No” for several reasons. First, it’s not very comfortable to lie face down on a massage table. Even if you are healthy, many people get stuffy nose or runny nose after facing down for a while which is normal. When you already have clogged nose or runny nose, it will be torturous for you to lie face down for a long period of time. And it’s not very relaxing having to blow your nose constantly. Yes you can breathe from your mouth but then you have to constantly worry about drooling.

Second, massage does have a detox effect but it’s more like massage initiates the detox process by moving the fluid and loosening the muscles. Your body still has to work to get rid of those toxins. When you get a massage while you are already fighting the flu, you will feel sicker and more tired from the extra toxins released from your body and your body has to work harder to get rid of those toxins. If you have a fever, massage may make it go higher from an improved circulation.

Finally, you shouldn’t get a massage when you are sick with flu because massage therapists don’t want to get sick. Massage is a manual labor and if we’re sick we can’t work. If we can’t work, we can’t make money. We cannot telecommute or work from home remotely. Flu spreads by airborne transmission. A massage room is usually small and confined and we don’t want to be trapped in a contaminated air for like 60-minutes or 90-minutes at a time.

Also, we may be in the best position to spread the flu because our profession is based on touch. Touch is a sure way to spread the flu. Of course, we wash our hands after each but client there is no way we can sanitize everything you touch and we touch in between clients especially in a commercial setting like spas where we don’t have a luxury of time between clients. Oh and in commercial settings like massage places, it’s a manager’s nightmare to find a coverage for sick therapists during a busy time like after the holiday season when we are packed with people redeeming gift certificates.

So if you are sick with flu, it’s best to stay home and let your body heal and restore. If you already have a massage appointment, please don’t just cancel but please reschedule for yourself, your massage therapist, and other clients. In the meantime, you can try these acupressure points to alleviate the flu symptoms such as runny nose and sore throat and I’ll put the link below. And please go get your massage after you are all better and it’s a great way to reward your body for fighting hard.

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Massage Monday #377 – Should I Get Massage when Sick?