Massage Monday 4-11-11: Acupressure Ponits to Induce Labor

I sometimes give Pregnancy Massage to people whose babies are past due and they want me to help induce the labor. Here are three Acupressure Points to help induce the labor.

Hand (LI 4): Close the thumb and index finger. Press the end of the crease against the base of the index finger using a hooked thumb. You should feel the weird sensation that’s typical of pressing the right acupressure points.

Shoulder (GB 21): Highest part of your shoulder. Press it downward with furled fingers or iPhone (my favorite). Watch this Massage Monday for how to use your iPhone for massage:

Leg (SP 6): From the top of the ankle bone inside the leg, go up four finger widths above.

Press these for 1-2 minutes throughout the day. Press them yourself or have your partner, friends or family to press them for you. These points should be avoided when you’re pregnant or trying to become pregnant. However these are not birth control points. Please use appropriate method for the birth control.

If you still need to induce labor, I highly highly recommend acupuncture before going to the hospital to medical induce the labor.

Happy Massaging!

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