Milk Bath – Thai Style

I used to drink milk. I stopped drinking milk after I learned that milk is acidic, causes osteoporosis and it’s really not for humans but for baby cows. (Please do your own research for argument.)

I bought a gallon of milk for the first time in years not for drinking but for milk bath. This bath recipe is a courtesy of my friend Kanchana Rubino. She teaches healthy yummy home-made authentic Thai cooking. Since her recipe for Green Curry, Pad Thai, Papaya Salad, etc. are super good in the kitchen, I tried her recipe for the bathroom:

  1. Chop Galangal
  2. Chop Lemongrass
  3. Chop Kefir Lime Leaves
  4. Simmer herbs in disposable teabags. (Smells like Tom Yum soup!)
  5. Pour the “soup” above and gallon of milk into the bath tub full of hot water.

Mmm… my skin was very soft from the lactic acid from the milk. Thank you Kanchana!