Minor Details of Couples Massage Class

Besides giving massage I love teaching couples how to massage each other. This week I’m going to share some minor details about what I do for the Couples Massage Class.

I get requests from both men and women but I would say I get more requests from men who are looking for a unique gift idea for their anniversaries and birthdays for their partner and for themselves which is no problem because who doesn’t want their partner to learn how to massage your better, right?

The requester has seen the details of the class and possibly my video so they are more familiar with me. But if the partner doesn’t know much about what to expect I notice some tension and hesitancy in the beginning. Sometimes the class is kept secret until they step into my office and the woman look very shocked.

As with any business it’s very important to build a rapport with clients. Since my class is very touchy feely it’s even more important that my clients feel safe and relaxed. So this is what I do working with couples.

First: appearance. For the top I wear T-shirt like this with tight, high neck like this. No plunge neckline or a tank top with my bra straps showing. Sometimes I demonstrate the massage techniques on the floor and I’m on my fours so it’s very important that there is no chance you’ll see my bra or cleavage which I don’t have to begin with but that’s not the focus of this discussion.

For the bottom I wear long pants usually cargo pants because it’s easy to move around and it’s secure. No skirt, no shorts, no form fitting yoga pants. I take sexiness and I take the possibility of showing the bottom cleavage out.

Second: shaking hands. Whenever possible I always shake hands with women first. I learned this in real estate investment seminar long time ago. When you deal with a couple, if you are a man you shake hands with man first. If you are a woman, shake hands with woman first. That way there is no suspicion, jealousy or any kind of uneasy feeling for the rest of the appointment from the same sex.

Third: no fragrance. This is true for any massage appointment but the sense of smell is very powerful. Some people are very sensitive and even allergic to perfumes. The purpose of the perfume is to cover up your b.o. or body odor and smell attractive. Hopefully my b.o. is not too strong and I don’t want the female client to even remotely think subconsciously that I’m appealing to their male partner.

Lastly, lots of eye contacts and smiles. This is true for male and female clients but I engage them more with eye contacts, conversations and smiles if I feel that they are not completely relaxed and little bit nervous.

So these are the minor details that I do when I work with couples to make sure I come across as no threat as I touch their partners in my Couples Massage Class.

Massage Monday #311 – Minor Details of Couples Massage Class http://bit.ly/mm-101016