Mother’s Day Gift Idea: Aromatherapy Candle Diffuser with Himalayan Pink Salt (Massage Monday #393)

Recently, I came across this really cute aromatherapy candle diffuser with Himalayan pink salt on someone’s blog. I thought it was a great gift idea and since the Mother’s Day is coming up I wanted to share this with you as a Mother’s Day gift idea.

All you need is a heat-resistant glass jar, Himalayan pink salt, essential oils, and an unscented candle that looks good in the jar.

Glass Jar

Himalayan Pink Salt

Essential Oils

Unscented Candle

I got a bag of medium coarse Himalayan salt. Each grain is about 2-3 mm in size.

First I’m going to see how much salt I want in the jar. Then transfer the salt into a small bowl.

Mix the essential oils of your choice into the salt. For this one I’m going to use organic Lavender 10 drops, organic bergamot 10 drops, and Jasmine 5 drops because the smell is pretty powerful.

When you use essential oil bottles, you just flip upside down and wait. And the oil will be dispensed. No need to shake the bottle and possibly splashing the precious oil.

There is so much you can do with the essential oils depending on what the recipient may enjoy. I’m going to include the links to some useful guides for aromatherapy blends for certain moods.

After mixing the essential oils, put the salt in the jar with the candle and tada.

You may think you can also use this salt for a bath. You can, however, you have to be very careful because not all the essential oils are good directly on your skin. Also, if you are going to use the salt as a bath salt, you need to mix it with a carrier oil such as jojoba oil so the essential oil mixes better with the bath water. The essential oils and bath water don’t mix naturally and without the carrier oil, the essential oils will be attracted to the lipids on your skin and get attached to the skin directly and it might cause irritation. So unless you are willing to research thoroughly if each essential oil you are adding is safe on your skin, I do not recommend using this as a bath salt.

Aroma blend guide on
Aromatherapy Recipes on

I like hand-made gift like this because you can put so much thought into it. Supposedly, the Himalayan pink salt cleans the air by attracting moisture with pathogens, reduces electromagnetic radiation by emitting negative ions although I don’t think it does much with this little amount, and it is just so pretty to look at because it’s pink.

The salt may become yucky from the moisture and heat. After you are done with the salt, you can re-purpose the jar and use it for something else.

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