My Favorite Massage Cream |Why I Don’t Use Massage Oil (Massage Monday #518)

This week I will show you my favorite massage cream that I’ve been using for years on my clients and I will tell you why I don’t like to use massage oil when I give massages.

First, why I don’t like to use massage oil. When I started working as a massage therapist 11 years ago, I used to massage my clients with oil all the time because that’s how we learned how to massage at the massage school.

But after few weeks, my fingertips became very dry and flaky even whenI was using the oil.

Then I remembered when I was going to the massage school, there was a Teacher’s Assistant who had to wear gloves when she gave massages. She told me she used massage oil so much that the glands in her fingertips stopped working to lubricate her fingertips and now she had to wear thin gloves whenever she gave massages.

Your body does wonders. It knows what to do to adapt to the environment. My fingertips decided to stay dry because they were saturated with oil a lot.

Since then I’ve switched to massage lotion or massage cream to massage my clients. Luckily for me, my fingertips became normal after a while. My favorite massage cream is this Pure Touch Organics Massage Cream by Biotone. I’ve been using this for years now. Skin is the largest organ in your body and it absorbs whatever you put on so I try to use organic products as much as possible on and especially for my precious clients.

Biotone Pure Touch Organic Massage Crème

It has organic Jojoba and Shea butter. It’s not greasy as massage oil and it’s a great moisturizer too. My client told me she can feel her skin hydrated even days after getting my massage. I usually get a tub and put it in the refillable tube.  It’s very easy to control the glide with this. I use tiny bit for deep tissue to go slow and deep and I use more for more gliding strokes.

I hate using a holster on my waist and this is too thick for a pump anyway. I usually put some on my arm like this and take some from my arm as needed throughout the massage. If there’s an excess, I just rub it in my arms and legs to moisturize myself.

If you give occasional massage to yourself or to your partner, you can use massage oil no problem.

And if you want to learn how to massage your partner, you can download a free massage guide from here.

Massage Monday #518 My Favorite Massage Cream and Why I Don’t Use Massage Oil